Understanding the Crucial Maintenance Costs for Your Individual Wastewater Treatment System

Understanding the Crucial Maintenance Costs for Your Individual Wastewater Treatment System

Posted on 01 Dec 2023 by Lise Helluy

In this article, we explore the intricacies of maintenance costs associated with the installation of a treatment plant, highlighting the essential aspects that every homeowner should be aware of. Preventing soil pollution and choosing a specialized company become essential links in ensuring the smooth operation of your system.

Maintenance costs

Maintenance of an individual sanitation system is the responsibility of the owner. It's up to you to make sure it's working properly, to avoid any pollution of your property or that of your neighbors. The frequency and cost of maintenance operations will obviously depend on the type of individual sanitation system chosen.

A compact filter will require less frequent servicing than a micro-station, but maintenance of a compact filter will be a little more costly when necessary.

It's important to know that the maintenance of an individual sanitation system must be carried out by a company specialized in wastewater treatment, and not by just any private individual. The professional you choose must include maintenance in his or her offer.

Be sure to ask about maintenance costs before choosing an individual sanitation system. You don't want to end up with an expensive system to maintain!

Annual inspections and pump-outs:

The micro-station and compact filter need to be inspected every year to ensure that they are working to their full potential. If the micro-station is associated with more frequent maintenance, the use of a compact filter will require periodic replacement of the filter media necessary for its operation (up to 10 years for a rockwool filter).

The cost of emptying varies from €150 to €300 for a 3m³ removal. The cost varies according to the drainer, the region you live in and the ease of access to your sewage system.

The price may be higher if your home is located in a remote area, such as in the mountains, or if the system, and in particular the manholes, are not easily accessible.

After emptying, the professional in charge of the operation must issue you with an emptying certificate. This document is compulsory, as you must be able to provide it to the technician who carries out the inspection. The local authority can provide you with a list of approved drainers in your area.

Finding out about maintenance costs before choosing an individual sanitation system is a crucial step in avoiding financial surprises. With BIOROCK, we highlight these essential elements to guarantee the long-term performance of your system. Investing in a specialist company, planning annual inspections, and understanding the associated costs are key aspects of preserving your environment and ensuring compliance with standards.

Read also our articles on the price differences between compact and micro-station filters, and on administrative costs, to find out all about the costs involved in installing a wastewater treatment plant.

Choose peace of mind with BIOROCK. Contact us today to find out more about the installation and maintenance costs of our individual wastewater treatment systems.

Protect your environment and ensure the longevity of your system with BIOROCK, the reliable solution for efficient on-site wastewater treatment.

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