Innovative wastewater treatment solutions for the outdoor hotel industry

Innovative wastewater treatment solutions for the outdoor hotel industry

Posted on 10 Nov 2023 by Lise Helluy

A look back at SETT 2023 tradeshow in Montpellier, France

The SETT trade show in Montpellier, Europe's leading event for tourism equipment, was an incredible adventure for us at BIOROCK and BIOROTOR. These three intense days in Montpellier were the perfect opportunity to meet so many of you, outdoor hospitality professionals, and to share our passion for innovative sanitation. Here's an overview of our participation, and a big thank you to everyone who came to our booth!

Sett tradeshow: the epicenter of European tourism

Once again, the Sett show proved its reputation as Europe's leading trade fair for tourism equipment. With over 55,000 square meters of exhibition space, 680 exhibitors, and more than 17,000 enthusiastic visitors, there was no better place for outdoor hospitality professionals.

Sanitation of cottages, campsites and hotels: our expertise

At the heart of this major event, our stand caught the eye - not only with its brand-new design - but also with innovative, environmentally-friendly solutions. Our team of experts was on hand to help you choose the best sanitation solution for your facility.

  • Philippe and Mathieu, BIOROCK's technical sales representatives for the south of France, were on hand to tell you all about our modular and compact MULTIROCK solutions for individual wastewater treatment systems up to 300 p.e. (population equivalent).
  • Marie, BIOROTOR's Sales Manager, was on hand to provide information on the optimized and modular biodisc solution (RBC) for semi-collective and collective wastewater treatment plants up to 10,000 p.e. 

One of the most crucial questions was whether you needed a treatment plant or a larger sanitation system, a decision that depends on the size of your facility.

Tailor-made solutions for every establishment

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants: MULTIROCK for communities up to 300 p.e.

For small to medium-sized establishments, our MULTIROCK solution is ideal. It's easy to install and maintain, and the filter media is durable, with a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. This solution is highly resistant to load variations, and requires no electricity to operate. Finally, MULTIROCK is modular to match your accommodation's capacity, thanks to its series installation.

▶ Watch the MULTIROCK installation video at the Domaine des Papillons campsite.

We have BIOROCK experts located near you who are here to help you with your project. Contact them now for a free quote!

  • Larger sanitation system: the BIOROTOR solution up to 10000 p.e.

For facilities with a larger capacity, BIOROTOR's Biodisc (RBC) solution is perfect. Robust and reliable, the biodisc is made from high-quality materials and technology based on decades of experience. It's the first fully modular biodisc, making it ideal for your expansion projects. Its simple installation and environmental friendliness make it a smart choice for large-scale facilities. Finally, our biodisc stands out from other technologies by offering the lowest energy consumption per Population Equivalent on the market.

For personalized support or a free quote, contact our BIOROTOR expert, today!

A big thank you to all of you who came to visit us! 

We'd like to extend our warmest thanks to all of you who visited our stand at Sett 2023. Your enthusiasm and your questions made this an exceptional event. We're delighted to support you in your quest for state-of-the-art sanitation, and we hope you enjoyed discovering our solutions.

We look forward to working with you in the future to create customized wastewater treatment solutions that meet your needs. Your visit to Montpellier was inspiring, and we look forward to continuing this adventure together. Stay tuned for more BIOROCK and BIOROTOR news! 

Thanks again for your continued support.

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