10 Reasons To Buy A BIOROCK Unit | Sewage Treatment System

BIOROCK works with nature, doesn't fight it ... so you save


  1. Fool-proof
    Very reliable purification process. There is a large built-in safety factor.
  2. No electricity
    The BIOROCK "ecosystem" treats the wastewater: no costly large mechanical aerators to run, fix and replace.
  3. Minimum maintenance & sludge production
    Most (traditional) sewage water systems for domestic use require 3-4 services annually. Unlike aerated and septic systems, there are no routine pump-outs and a 6 months of sludge removal.
  4. Huge savings
    Huge savings at your annual energy bill and maintenance costs.
  5. Silent
    No buzzing aerators that can run up to 24 hours every day; you can enjoy your garden and sleep quietly.
  6. Odourless
    The natural aeration avoids any smell.
  7. Safe and water-wise irrigation
    No risk of pathogen exposure; no water wasted.
  8. Sustainability
    The BIOROCK solution has a CO2 very low carbon footprint.
  9. Chemical-free wastewater treatment
    No potentially hazardous chemicals are disposed into your garden.
  10. The most compact sewage system
    Less to transport; less digging and disruption to your garden.