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The Cost Saving Wastewater Treatment Solutions

BIOROCK offers a unique, innovative solution to eco-friendly water treatment. With the industry’s lowest operational costs and longest emptying intervals, BIOROCK is a valuable, worthwhile investment for your home or establishment.

non electric sewage treatment plant

Odourless domestic wastewater treatment

Quiet domestic sewage system

Eco-friendly domestic sewage system

Eco-friendly domestic sewage system


BIOROCK offers a complete range of compact and non-electric residential waste water treatment plants, denominated into 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 15 & 30 person systems. If installed in parallel the treatment units can also cater for 60, 90, 120 people and so on. BIOROCK power-free Waste Water Treatment Plants offers an ideal solution for residential, domestic wastewater treatment.

Our Sewage Treatment systems offer a simple yet effective process that requires no electricity, has no moving parts, and needs minimal annual maintenance.

One of the main benefits of having a BIOROCK sewage treatment plant is that it’s a longterm sustainable and economic investment.

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How BIOROCK plants work?

Step 1 : Primary Tank
The Primary Tank clarifies the raw sewage by dividing fats, oils, greases and organic solids. The sewage then passes through an effluent filter, before discharging into the BIOROCK reactor.

The Bioreactor purifies further the pretreated wastewater with a biological process. To naturally treat the wastewater, our systems use our unique BIOROCK Media, an exclusive and very efficient carrier material for bacteria.

Step 3 : Discharge
Depending on the ground type, effluent will be discharged by gravity, or by a pump.

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Who Are Our Sewage Treatment Plants For?


This system is perfect for your home wastewater treatment, as it is totally silent, odorless, calls for minimal annual maintenance, and is barely visible. You can even use the resulting water for your irrigation. This is a great method of recycling your wastewater.

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Solutions for Residential Use

Restaurants, Hotels and Lodges

BIOROCK systems are the most innovative, cost-effective solutions to wastewater treatment for restaurants, hotels, and lodges, keeping your establishment’s sewage system hygienic and eco-friendly. The unobtrusive innovation is also completely silent, meaning no disturbance for you or your guests.

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Solutions for Hotels and Restaurants

Commercial and Institutional

With so many people in and around your institution, a reliable sewage system is key – which is why BIOROCK is the ideal solution. It’s sustainable, eco-friendly, and efficient - offering a long-term answer to your wastewater problems.

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Our amazing projects

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MONOBLOCK helicoptered to overcome difficult site access

BIOROCK L and one BIOROCK E installation for 5 houses in Sweden

BIOROCK-L installation at Hawke's Bay New Zealand

Above ground wastewater treatment plant, North of Stockholm, Sweden

Our Unique Wastewater Treatment Media

BIOROCK's exclusive media is degradation-resistant, stable and sustainable - keeping the purification system working effectively over the long term. You will exclusively find it in our sewage systems.


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