MONOBLOCK helicoptered to overcome difficult site access

MONOBLOCK helicoptered to overcome difficult site access


Initially, the owner contacted BIOROCK directly at www.biorock.com.

He needed technical information related to his project of bringing the individual sewage treatment of his second home into conformity. The site was located in Beaulieu sur Mer in France (06).


Residence beaulieu sur merResidence beaulieu sur mer

The main challenge of this installation was the difficulty of accessibility of the residence. Indeed, it can only be accessed by a customs road and a pedestrian bridge. There is no land and the house is on a steep hillside. Moreover, the house has been built on several levels, with terraces over a coomb where a stream runs. There is direct access to a cove. Finally, the residence does not have an elevator system, but a load carrier that also serves the other houses, with a loading threshold on the coastal road.

The only possibility to bring the necessary material was by helicopter. The helicopter has a maximum loading capacity of 800 kg.


MONOBLOCK helicoptered

The MONOBLOCK 2-700-4 system was recommended by our technical sales representative. This approved solution met the required dimensions and weight constraints, unlike some competing products. The installer then contacted his local distributor to purchase the tank and the material needed for the job.

The unburied installation was chosen. The tank had to be located on a terrace at mid-height with a minimum footprint: of 1.30 m in width and 3 m in length. Thus positioned, the passage usually used by the inhabitants remained free. A lifting station was necessary for the lower level of the residence. The global cost of this installation was about 20 000€, all included (material and site rendered).

Another possibility of installation had been emitted by the Engineering and Design Department. It consisted in organizing major earthworks to bury the tank under the upper terrace and to evacuate the rubble at the same time. The estimate reached, in this hypothesis, an amount of approximately 45 000€, counting the numerous helicopter rotations necessary (600€ per rotation), the time spent, and the material.

The first solution of an unburied installation was chosen and an aesthetic partition in grating was going to surround the system so that it blends in with the landscape.


The main challenge was met with flying colors. The installation and commissioning of the system were completed quickly and easily. The system received the certificate of conformity from the SPANC. The maintenance technicians and users did not notice any operating errors.


MONOBLOCK helicopteredMONOBLOCK helicoptered

MONOBLOCK helicopteredMONOBLOCK helicoptered

MONOBLOCK construction site Beaulieu Sur Mer​​​​​​MONOBLOCK construction site Beaulieu Sur MerMONOBLOCK construction site Beaulieu Sur Mer