Ocean view - ECOROCK installation on Saint Martin Island

Ocean view - ECOROCK installation on Saint Martin Island

The structure and environmental context:

Saint Martin island attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world thanks to its local charm, mixed with a traditional way of life and one of the warmest welcomes on the planet. Unfortunately, the island and its inhabitants are victims of many hurricanes, which can destroy most of the houses, communication, and electricity networks. 

BIOROCK solutions are particularly well suited to the needs of Caribbean islanders, due to the fact that no power is needed to operate, only bacteria and oxygen.

Discover below one of the latest BIOROCK projects carried out on the island of Saint Martin, more precisely in Indigo Bay. Indeed, our partner EXOFOR is in charge of making our solutions accessible to all on the island.

The challenge:

The residential area of Indigo Bay does not have a collective wastewater treatment plant, and therefore requires new constructions to have a non-collective sewage system that meets local standards.

The client is a construction company that is legally obliged to have a sewage system installed that meets EU standards.

The solution:

The ECOROCK system (Primary tank + Treatment Unit) with a gravity outlet and a tunnel infiltration was chosen for its simplicity of operation and maintenance. Indeed the system requires little maintenance and operates without electricity.

The residual water is infiltrated in parallel below in infiltration tunnels. The choice also stems from the fact that our partner EXOFOR has a team dedicated to maintenance.

The results:

The developer of the project obtained the building permit after presenting the approvals and performance certificates of the BIOROCK systems. The building is not yet inhabited but the installation and commissioning of the system were carried out quickly and easily.

Pictures taken in the site: