MONOBLOCK helicoptered to overcome difficult site access

Renovation of Creole huts: Installation of an ECOROCK-2000 system on the island of Saint Martin

Ocean view - ECOROCK installation on Saint Martin Island

BIOROCK wastewater treatment system installed for the rehabilitation of a mountain refuge in Spain

Treating wastewater from a restaurant in Mallorca with the MULTIROCK system

Installing an ECOROCK solution to meet the standards of an eco-sustainable villa in Italy

Delivering a BIOROCK Wastewater Solution in a World Heritage Site in Botswana

IrriCo Water installed a BIOROCK system in an organic farm in Stonehaven, Western Cape

Supporting Farmers To Implement Improved Sewage Treatment in China

Creating Solutions in Remote Rural Areas for Community Wastewater Treatment

Deploying A Solution with Seasonal Flexibility and Low Maintenance for A Major Industrial plant

Overcoming Local Geographies to Deploy an Effective Wastewater Treatment Solution in China