Use of the existing septic tank as BIOROCK Primary Tank

Use of the existing septic tank as BIOROCK Primary Tank


Rosenheim, Germany


The renovation of the house requires the use of the existing septic tank (converted into a BIOROCK Primary Tank) and a BIOROCK STP with a capacity of 15 PE.


15 PE

Client Josef R


The client's contractor with supervision by BIOROCK.

Technical description

Necessary conditions

  • Adequate volume of the PT
  • PT in good condition and thick
  • Possibility to install the BIOROCK prefilter
  • Possibility to ventilate the existing septic tank
  • The adaptability of the site (Access for the works and room for the installation)
  • Authorization from the competent authority
  • The existing Primary Tank must be emptied before the tests can be carried out.

Technical features

Sufficient slope available for a wastewater treatment requiring no electricity. Wastewater treatment 100% by gravity (Water pipes to the river). The existing Primary Tank is equipped with a prefilter (Filter brush).

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