Domestic biorock installation in a countryhome

Domestic biorock installation in a countryhome In

Good morning Mr Lawer, thank you for welcoming us into your beautiful country home…

You are very welcome, yes it’s out in the countryside here but we are only 15 minutes by car to the nearest town! This location is ideal for us, quiet but close enough to all amenities.

So this house is equipped with a BIOROCK sewage treatment plant. How did you first hear about BIOROCK ?

As part of our legal obligation to upgrade the properties septic system, we got in touch with the local Environmental Agency, who put us in touch with a consultant who specialises in Wastewater treatment plant design.  (link to drawings here). The Wastewater Treatment consultant presented several products to us and the BIOROCK non-electrical sewage treatment solution caught our attention immediately.

Okay, and why?

We have a serious lack of space on our land and we didn’t want an electrical sewage treatment plant disturbing us, BIOROCK seemed to provide the answer to both of those issues.

Can you tell me a little more please, what was your wastewater problem?

The house was built in 1978 and was previously equipped with a “traditional” septic tank followed by a soakaway system which took up far too much space on our small plot. The system got blocked up and we wanted to replace it with a more compact sewage treatment system, which would also enable us to save space in our garden. The BIOROCK solution is suitable for direct discharge into the ditch at the end of our garden, this has been confirmed and approved by relevant the local authorities. We live in a particularly sensitive environment with clay soil which makes it hard to soak treated wastewater into the ground.

How did the installation go?

We had been in touch with a local groundwork company. This was ideal as they knew the product and had worked on some other local projects involving BIOROCK sewage treatment plants.  The installation was completed in March 2012. Despite the lack of space that we had, they did an excellent and very clean job. The installer advised us to install a grease trap, which we accepted. We managed to install the system discretely making it almost invisible. We then managed to reuse the area which was previously used for the soakaway system and put it back to grass, everything went very well.

And how is your sewage treatment plant operating now?

There is not much to say really, we haven’t had any problems. The engineers visit confirmed that the sewage treatment plant has been installed as per your recommendations. The system is serviced on a regular basis as you recommend, and everything goes well.  We took a quick sample of the treated water at the systems outlet before your arrival. As you can see, the colour is “very pale yellow”, the water is odorless, with no solids at the bottom.

This sample looks perfect, if you had to sum up your experience with BIOROCK  in two words?

It's easy:  Very satisfied.

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