BIOROCK-L installation at Kairakau Beach New Zealand

BIOROCK-L installation at Kairakau Beach New Zealand


Kairakau Beach, New Zealand


BIOROCK-L installation at Kairakau Beach, New Zealand


BIOROCK-L integrated with a 4,000 L filtered primary tank, specifically designed for a wetland evapotranspiration area.


Kairakau Beach is a beautiful and remote beach in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. Our client’s wish was to have an effluent management system for their four-bedroom home that treated the sewage to a very high standard, was quiet, and required little or no power to operate.

Fortunately, as BIOROCK (NZ) Ltd, we had the answer. After some discussion with our client and a thorough assessment of the site, we set about designing a passive system that would meet all regulatory and environmental standards and be tailored to the site.

The BIOROCK-L was integrated with a 4,000 L filtered primary tank and a specifically designed wetland evapotranspiration area to provide exactly the right solution – a system that fitted perfectly into the site landscape and delivered on every one of our client's requests. 

  • Environmental integrity;
  • No noise;
  • No ongoing replacement or worn out mechanical components;
  • No power requirement; and
  • Regulatory approval.

BIOROCK delivered it all.

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