BIOROCK-L installation at Hawke's Bay New Zealand

BIOROCK-L installation at Hawke's Bay New Zealand In


Hawke's Bay New Zealand


Awanga coastal community




Te Awanga is a small un-sewered coastal community in Hawke’s Bay. 

Environmental expectation from the regulatory authorities and the community is high because the land below the houses is rapid draining stony soil with underlying ground water.  There are also wildlife, wetlands, lagoons and popular coastal fishing and recreation areas that need protecting.

Our client came to us asking if it was possible to design a system that could serve a three bedroom home on a very small 650 m² lot in the residential area of Te Awanga. It was their hope that we could design a system that would gain regulatory approval.

  • Three bedroom home
  • Environmental coastal location
  • Limited land area to work with
  • Tailored to suit the site
  • Recycling capability
  • Low ongoing operational cost

BIOROCK was perfect for this job.

The BIOROCK-L is literally installed right next to the outdoor living area so silent operation is perfect for this site. From there the treated effluent is recycled through a pressurised irrigation system to provide valuable nutrient to plants during hot summer months and also to add aesthetics to the outdoor landscape.

The BIOROCK is very discreet, takes up very little space and importantly turns what was once considered waste into a reusable resource that will continue to return value from a capital asset well into the future. It only requires one service visit per year and is very, very cost effective to operate.

The best Sewerage treatment plant is the one that you don't know is there...

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