Wastewater Treatment installation for an off-mains restaurant in rural area.

Wastewater Treatment installation for an off-mains restaurant in rural area.


Wastewater Treatment installation for an off-mains restaurant in a rural area.


The wastewater generated by restaurants has several peculiarities that must be taken into consideration when recommending a suitable wastewater treatment solution.

The effluent discharge is generally generated over a relatively short period of time and the organic load of the generated pollution comes from two distinct sources:  waste generated in the kitchen and then the activity of staff and customers, consisting primarily of toilet use. These discharges are much higher in organic load than for a domestic dwelling and special attention is required in ensuring the plant is designed with this in mind.

In the preliminary study of this restaurant’s wastewater treatment requirements the considerations were as follows:

1. Verifying the size of the existing 25,000L septic tank to ensure it was adequately sized and also checking the condition of the internal walls of the tank.

2. Advising the client of the need to have an adequate sized grease trap on the outlet from the kitchen. This is essential for all commercial-type installations.

3. Determining the number of customers/covers per day and the peak business periods.

The waste produced in a restaurant is very specific and requires equipment sizing based on the generation of water flow to be treated during peak loads.

The BIOROCK solution recommended for this restaurant included fitting a brush filter on the outlet of the septic tank and the addition of two BIOROCK-F Units complete with Flow Control Chamber and Splitter Unit to ensure equal distribution of the effluent entering the units.

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