BIOROCK sytem installed in Canaio Winery in Farneta, Italy

BIOROCK sytem installed in Canaio Winery in Farneta, Italy

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Farneta, Cortona in Italy


The structure and the environmental context:

Located between Cortona and Montepulciano, Cantina Canaio is immersed in the heart of the Valdichiana: surrounded by an enchanting Tuscan landscape, overlooking splendid valleys planted with vineyards. The building stands on a restored 1600th-century farm which is partly used as a cellar and partly as a dwelling.

The owners, hobby winemakers for three generations, in 2014 decided to transform this passion into a real business: to date, in 2019, the winery produces 13.000 bottles per year distributed worldwide and is constantly growing. Canaio Winery also offers visitors wine tastings accompanied by tastings of local specialties and cold dishes.


Analysis of the intervention and installation scheme:

The conversion of the building to a winery made it necessary to install an adequate wastewater purification system in line with current regulations and with certain criteria of eco-sustainability and energy impact. Taking into account the main characteristics of the structure, such as the inflow of wastewater with dissolved pollutants mainly of an organic nature, the choice of an ECOROCK system with BIOROCK® technology for biological purification with natural eco-sustainable percolation was defined as the best solution. 100%, with soil dispersion as the final delivery of the outgoing water.

The plant is hidden in an underground concrete chamber and the accessories for ventilation and incoming and outgoing air are perfectly camouflaged among the plants of the surrounding olive grove, so as to completely cancel the visual impact.
The revolutionary and 100% eco-sustainable technique of an ECOROCK system with BIOROCK® technology allows the purification of wastewater without the use of electricity and without any moving mechanical parts, with tested and certified performance.

The owners of Canaio Winery declared themselves completely satisfied with the system and happy to have chosen it, first of all for the long emptying intervals and the low running and maintenance costs, but also for the simplicity of installation, the totally silent operation, the visual impact eliminated and the absence of bad smells.