Biorock ST1-7500 Primary Tank

Biorock ST1-7500 Primary Tank

The ST-7500 Primary Tank has a rectangular base and oval top part.

The tank has 1x compartment. The volume and overall capacity can be increased when installing the units in series or in parallel.

The BIOROCK-ST-7500 Primary Tank has integrated slots on the base of the tank enable safe movement by fork lift vehicles.Lifting eyes are situated around the tank, enabling lifting for ease of installation.

Rings are positioned at the base of the tank allowing the anchoring using straps or anchors when installed in wet ground conditions.

The ST-7500 Primary Tank has an integrated extension set.

All BIOROCK Primary tanks are standard equipped with an effluent filter in the water outlet pipe. For specification, see "Accessories" (Effluent Filter).

Product dimensions
spec value
Length 3083 mm
Width 2260 mm
Height 2396 mm
Weight 384 kg
Volume 7500 litres
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