BIOROCK FAQs | Residential Wastewater Treatment FAQ

Can treated water from the outlet of the BIOROCK unit be used for irrigation purposes?

Our answer:

The BIOROCK non-electric sewage treatment system has proved to be one of the best performing systems on the market. (The purification efficiency results expressed as a percentage are as follows, BOD: 99%, COD: 96%, SS: 99%.) A biological filter, which complies with European regulations for the treatment of domestic wastewater, allows for the treated effluents to be discharged directly into the natural environment. These effluents are of organic origin and there is a potential health risk; the effluents cannot be directly reused in the same state. In the United Kingdom, there is a requirement to ensure the infiltration of the treated effluent, and discharge into the tank or into a natural environment is subject to authorisation.

When all options have been verified, you should make enquiries with the local district authorities in order to find out the local regulatory requirements on using the effluents for irrigation purposes.

The law prohibits any contact with the treated effluents. Therefore watering with sprinklers is not permitted. The underground irrigation of an ornamental garden may be permitted. The use of treated water for watering plants intended for human consumption is prohibited.

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