BIOROCK Wastewater Plants | Residential Wastewater Treatment Plants

Residential On-Site Wastewater Treatment Plants

Extension set
Tanks risers

Sampling pipe, ø 160 mm
Effluent Sampling pipe, ø 160 mm

Pump shaft, ø 400 mm
For pumped effluent discharge

Wind driven ventilator
Wind driven ventilator

Installation clips
For above-ground installation

Effluent filter PT
Effluent filter PT For Primary tank

Ideal for Wastewater Treatment

Flow Control Chamber
Flow Control Chamber for Multirock Modular installations

Splitterbox for Multirock Modular installations

Pump kit
For high-level effluent discharge

Anchors in case of wet ground

Biovent If increased ventilation is required

As spare parts

Triangle Pump Shaft
Triangle Pump Shaft for pumped effluent discharge

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